How Assessment module work.

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Step By Step Guide

Step 1 Open your app and login as a teacher. Click on Homework option. Select class, subject and enter assessment title in the form.

Teacher’s account

Step 2 Click on Assessment, select type of assessment. Write description in Description box. Upload assessment image and click on next arrow.

Teacher’s account

Step 3 After uploaded assessment, check assessment in assessment option. Click on assessment option from main screen.

Teacher’s account

Step 4 Click on assessment option. You can see the list of assessments. The three boxes are displayed, Pending, Submitted and Checked. Click on these buttons and check pending assessment details, submitted assessment details and checked assessment details.

Teacher’s account

Step 5 The student will check their assessment. Here we demonstrate, how assessment will display in the student’s account. Login as a Student account and click on Assessment option. Here students can check their assessment. To view the assessment, click on View Homework button. After doing work, they submit their work. To submit work, click on Submit button.

Student’s Assessment Screen

Step 6 Now teacher checks their assessment. One assessment is decreased from pending button and added in submitted button. Click on submitted button and check the assessment.

Teacher’s account

Step 7 View assessment by clicking on the view button. After then click on Evaluate button and give remarks.

Step 8 Now submitted assessment shift from submitted tab to checked tab. and students can also check their reviews from checked tab.

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