Tools & Tips for Student, While in Live Class.

Screenshot Guide

Video Guide

Step By Step Guide

Step 1 After joining Live Class as a Student, the first screen will display. White area of in this screen is like a board.

Step 2 You can check the joined user list. click on the icon that are placed at the top left side of the screen. List of joined user will display.

Step 3 You can also share camera. To share camera, click on the video icon at the bottom of the screen. Select camera. Either you can select facing front or facing back. Click on start sharing.

Step 4 Either you can select facing front or facing back. You can share your camera and your screen also.

Step 5 You can also use tools. Select the zoom in or zoom out the camera, by the click on zoom arrow option.

Step 6 After class you have to click on the Ending meeting to end the session. Click on three dots at the top right side and then, click the logout option.

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