Study Material – How to add chapters and units for a subject.

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Step 1 Open your App and login as a teacher. Click on Study Material option from screen. A screen will display. In subject’s contents indexing, there are two options Add Units To Subject and Add Chapter To Units. To create units for a subject, click on Add Units To Subject.

Step 2 In next step, select class and subject for which you want to create units and click on next button.

Step 3 List of units will display. To create new unit for a subject, click on Add New button.

Step 3 Now, Enter unit name and click on save button.

Step 4 Added unit will display in the list. In the Action column, two icons are displayed, to edit a unit, click on Pen icon and to delete a unit, click on the delete icon.

Step 5 Once units created, create chapters. To create chapter, click on home icon. Study Material home screen will display. Click on Add Chapters To Units option.

Step 6 A screen will display. Class and Subject are already selected. Select Unit and click on Next button.

Step 7 List of Chapters will display. To add new chapter, click on Add New button.

Step 8 Enter Chapter name and click on Save button. Chapter will added.

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