How to join Live Class as teacher in App.

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Step 1 Open your app and login as a teacher. Click on Live Class option from screen.

Step 2 The next screen will display. On this screen read instructions and copy username and password from here. E.g. here username is [email protected] and password is [email protected] There are two options NEXT and OPEN. You can click on Next. Both buttons have the same functionality, In this example we will click on Open button.

Step 3 When we click on open button, then on next page Sign in form will display. Enter here username and password that you copied from last screen. E.g. [email protected] and password is [email protected] And click on Sign in button

Step 4 On next screen a popup will display. In this popup a question will ask from you. How would you like to join audio? Click on Microphone option.

Step 5 The confirmation screen will appear. On this screen a confirmation will take from you. Speak some words, is it audible. If it’s audible, then click on Yes option.

Step 6 Now You have joined. Your class starts. Main Page will Display.

Note: For Knowing about more features of live class, please watch the next Post. We will discuss there about details of live class like upload presentation, control, end meeting etc.

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